Improve energy upgrade R.O.I. using the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct).


 This opportunity is available nation-wide, and offers commercial enterprises a one-time tax incentive for energy-efficiency upgrades. Although the program was originally slated to expire in 2008, Congress approved extending it through 2013.


Audit your building's current usage and start saving NOW! 


Many owners, operators, and engineers know that their facility has room to improve but few know exactly how fast the the initial investment can pay for itself. In many cases we can reduce lighting demand by 75% or more. Knowing where you currently stand is the first step.


How does your current energy usage compare and where is there room to improve?

Registration is always free. The energy tools inside are built to show current energy use and *potential energy savings. When requested, these programs can also highlight the most efficient means of improvement available at the facility and can address all reduction options possible. 

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