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How Do You Qualify?

  • TThe new or upgraded building must be a commercial enterprise and located in the U.S.
  • The reduction in energy consumption is based on ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1-2001
  • Each of the three scopes must either achieve the minimum energy reduction in their sector OR meet the combined energy reduction required to qualify for the respective tax deduction.
  • EPAct 2005 can be used for any past energy projects already implemented, going back THREE tax years.
  • Only a third-party should certify the EPAct 2005 Federal tax deduction.  Advanced Energy Innovations is a nationally-recognized expert and leader in EPAct 2005 Federal tax deductions.

Who should be using & benefiting from the deduction?


  • Energy is major operating cost
  • Centralized facilities' management

Distribution Centers

  • Lighting is major operating cost
  • High economic return


  • Meet ASHRAE 2004 = Full EPAct
  • Bi-Level not required in guest rooms

Parking Garages

  • Large facilities drive large EPAct benefits
  • High economic return

Industrial Facilities

  • Most facilities enact ASHRAE 2004 or higher building energy codes