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Advanced Energy Innovations, Inc. is a California Corporation with Corporate Offices located in Murrieta California. Advanced Energy Innovations is certified as:

  • Small Business (SBA)
  • Woman Owned Business Enterprise (WBE)
  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)

Advanced Energy Innovations, Inc. is on the approved list of:

  • The Central Contractor Registration (CCR)
  • Department of General Services (DGS)

Advanced Energy Innovations, Inc. is an active member of the following organizations:

  • The Association Of Energy Engineers (AEE)
  • U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)
  • Illuminating Engineering Society Of North America (IESNA)

With over 13 years experience in the energy efficiency/controls industry and a desire to promote the use of energy saving lighting, Cindy Patterson formed Advanced Energy Innovations (AEI) in 2003 She was joined by her husband Kenneth Patterson II with 19 years experience in the energy efficiency/controls industry and a past history of designing energy saving products. With the expansion of rebate programs to install energy saving products:

  • Advanced Energy Innovations assisted their clients by assessing their existing energy usage.
  • Researching and recommending energy efficient alternatives and rebates & incentives.
  • This led to the design of a computer program to aid in the computations, recommendations, replacement product and rebates available included with the audit procedures.

As the energy saving incentives expanded AEI increased their audit services to include:

  • HVAC/Controls
  • Lighting/Controls
  • Motor/Controls
  • Building Envelope/BMS, EMCS & EMS
  • Renewable Energy/Alternative Energy

Advanced Energy Innovations, Inc. formed a partnership/coalition of experts in all fields of energy usage to better assist companies/clients regardless of size to reduce their energy usage and help them to obtain the rebates available. This team of independent partners/associates has a combined experience that exceeds 100 years to include but is not limited to Energy Assessments, Audits and/or RCx Scoping Studies for the following energy systems:

  • Lighting and Control Systems
  • HVAC Systems Including Plants, Chillers & Boilers
  • Building Envelope Including Windows & Roofing
  • Building Mechanics and Motorized Systems
  • EMS/EMCS Systems
  • Compressed Air & Gas Systems
  • Water, Plumbing, and Irrigation Systems
  • Steam Systems
  • Alternative/Renewable Energy options

Advanced Energy Innovations, Inc. provides complete technical services to their clients and adopts the client’s goals as our own. Acting as an advocate on behalf of the end user to assist them to:

  • Achieve or exceed their energy efficiency goals:
    (A) - We first identify the present energy usage patterns
    (B) - Research quality replacements for each. With an emphasis on “Energy Star”, LEED, etc and projected long term life products to assure the replacements are the best for the client.
  • Our service includes assisting the client to receive the highest possible local utility incentives and tax deductions/credits to build a financial projection of savings and true cost of ownership.
  • We train the client’s key staff on the maintenance and modified behaviors required by the new energy efficient equipment, plus we follow up with post-installation visits.
  • Our Full-Time and Constant Goal is to save Energy, Expense and the Environment...

Advanced Energy Innovations, Inc. also assists their clients to take advantage of The Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct). This program offers commercial enterprises a one-time tax incentive for energy-efficiency upgrades. The service provided by Advanced Energy Innovations Inc includes the data point gathering and a complete report for the client’s CPA to apply for the deduction. Although the program was originally slated to expire in 2008, Congress approved extending it through 2013.